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With a mission to reduce security threats in the web3 ecosystem, we provide manual audit services by experienced auditors, as well as a state-of-the-art analyzer in development which continuously scans for security vulnerabilities during the CI process. Through our 20+ audit projects since 2020, we have protected multi-billion $ of assets throughout EVM, CosmWasm, and more. Our team forms solid technical backgrounds, represented by winning records in Web2/Web3 CTF competitions (DEF CON CTF, 2022 Paradigm CTF), bug bounties and real-world auditing experiences.

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Depending on the client's various needs and the size of the auditing, we can perform auditing and inspection from various perspectives, including technical and economical points of view.


Since 2020, we have conducted 20+ audits on Web3 techniques such as Smart Contract and Blockchain. After the audits, no protocol has been compromised yet. See Auditing Reports.


Our team consists of members with strong technical backgrounds; We have a shiny winning records of competitions including DEF CON and 2022 Paradigm CTF. Also we're on Immunefi 2022 Leaderboard!

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