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What We Do

We are a team of experienced blockchain developers and security experts who specialize in thoroughly reviewing and assessing smart contract code.

Smart Contract Audit

Our manual Audit Services provide thorough assessments of your smart contract code, ensuring its security and reliability on various network as EVM, Solana, TON, Klaytn, and more.

On-Chain Monitoring

Protect your blockchain investments with our comprehensive On-Chain Monitoring Service, which tracks your transactions and alerts you to any potential issues.

About Us

Creating a secure environment in web3

Making web3 a safer space based on proven cybersecurity expertise and deep knowledge of web3 infrastructure and ecosystem.


Every single audit is unique - personalized just for your project. We uncover all vulnerabilities and potential exploits in your smart contract, then offer practical recommendations in our comprehensive audit report to mitigate risks and enhance security in your Web3 operations.


None of our clients have been compromised after our audits. Included in this impressive track record are smart contracts, blockchain infrastructure, nodes, SDKs, frameworks - you name it, we’ve audited it. Our trust is earned, not given, through exhaustive high-quality audits only we can deliver.


We compete to win - and we have, in numerous prestigious competitions including DEF CON and Paradigm CTF. What differs us from the competition is not mere talent, but the determination to dive deeper than anyone else and make Web3 safe for everyone.

Audit Process

Ensure the security of your project through a 4-step process

Engage and Estimate

Request a quote and get an estimate of the audit coverage, timeline, and pricing.

Explore and Evaluate

Get real-time issues reports during our vulnerability assessment to find potential exploits ASAP.

Examine and Explain

Receive a comprehensive final report with the complete audit details and patch suggestions.

Enroll and Ensure

To ensure integrated security, onboard onto the ChainLight platform for continuous risk management.

Featured Audits

Ensuring reliability and security

Commitment to quality is our secret to exceptional smart contract audits.

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June 19, 2023

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April 28, 2023

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April 28, 2023


Let's take a look at things you have on your mind

A smart contract audit is a thorough review and analysis of the code of a smart contract, conducted by experienced blockchain developers and security experts. The goal of a smart contract audit is to identify any potential vulnerabilities in the code that could compromise the security or functionality of the contract.

Millions of TVLs have been stolen by bad actors on the Web3 ecosystem due to several undiscovered vulnerabilities. Projects that receive high-quality security audits are less prone to such attacks. A smart contract audit is important because it ensures the highest level of security for your smart contract. By having a team of experienced experts review and test your contract, you can have confidence that it will function as intended and be resistant to attacks.

To request an audit, simply contact us with your project information through the “Request Audit” form above.

The cost of a smart contract audit for our service is determined by various factors such as the contract’s complexity, the code maturity, and the base contract existence (forked project). Please contact us for a personalized quote through the “Request Audit” form above.

The length of a smart contract audit will depend on the size and complexity of the contract being reviewed. On average, you can expect a smart contract audit to take three days to eight weeks to complete.

At ChainLight, we use advanced techniques and tools to uncover even the most complex security vulnerabilities in your smart contract. One key differentiator of our service is our ability to detect vulnerabilities that may have been missed by other Web3 audit services. We have found that even smart contracts that have been previously audited by other firms can still have significant vulnerabilities that pose a risk to the project. Our approach involves a deep technical analysis of the smart contract code, the underlying blockchain, and the broader ecosystem in which the contract operates, allowing us to identify potential threats that may have been overlooked by others.


Protect Your Smart Contract with a Thorough Audit