Security Audit

With a proven track record of zero client compromises and numerous competition victories, ChainLight's Security Audit identifies vulnerabilities and offers tailored recommendations to enhance the security of your blockchain solutions.

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Tailored Fortification

Phase 1: Request Security Audit

Initiate the security process by submitting your project's details and source code.

Phase 2: Receive Quote and Audit Strategy

Get a tailored audit strategy and quote that aligns with your project's requirements.

Phase 3: Security Examination & Audit

Get a real-time security analysis, vulnerability reports, and code-level suggestions from our award-winning experts.

Phase 4: Security Consultation & Code Review

Get a detailed review and feedback on the fixes from our experts to ensure fortification of your project.

Phase 5: Final Security Audit Report

Obtain a comprehensive final report containing exhaustive audit details, patch suggestions, and an audit certification.

Featured Reports

Tailored Audits With Zero Compromise.

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Blend-Blur Audit Report

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Governance Contract

ZKSync Bug Report

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Blockchain Node

TON Node Bug Report

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Perpetual Protocol Bug Report

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Thrive Without Fear

Established in 2016, ChainLight's award-winning experts provide tailored security solutions to fortify your smart contracts and help you thrive on the blockchain.

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